Can You Keep Parts from Auto Repairs? Know Your Rights

Yes, you can keep the replaced parts from an auto repair. It’s your property.

When you have your car serviced or repaired, you have the right to ask for the old parts back. Many people like to keep them as a way to verify the work that was done and to ensure they were actually replaced.

Some people also keep old parts as a memento or for potential future use. However, it’s important to note that the shop may charge you extra for keeping the old parts, as they often need to return them to the manufacturer for a core refund. Always discuss this with the shop beforehand to avoid any surprises.

Your Rights To Old Parts After Auto Repairs

When it comes to auto repairs, many car owners wonder about their rights to old parts after the repair is completed. Can you keep the replaced parts from an auto repair? The answer is not always straightforward and may depend on various factors such as state laws, shop policies, and the nature of the repair. Understanding your rights in this regard can help you make informed decisions when having your vehicle serviced.

State Laws And Regulations

State laws and regulations play a significant role in determining whether you can keep the replaced parts after an auto repair. Some states have specific laws that require automotive repair shops to offer the old parts to the customer upon request. These laws are designed to promote transparency and allow car owners to inspect the replaced parts, ensuring that the agreed-upon repairs were indeed carried out.

Exceptions To The Rule

While state laws may grant you the right to old parts after an auto repair, there are exceptions to this rule. In some cases, especially with certain types of repairs or when dealing with warranty claims, the shop may be required to return the replaced parts to the manufacturer or supplier. Additionally, shops may have their own policies regarding old parts, and it’s essential to clarify this aspect before authorizing any repairs.

Can You Keep Parts from Auto Repairs? Know Your Rights


Requesting Your Parts: A Step-by-step Guide

Before The Repair: What To Ask

Ask the auto repair shop about their policy on keeping replaced parts.

Request a list of the parts being replaced and inquire about the condition of each part.

After The Repair: How To Request

Upon completion, ask the shop if you can keep the replaced parts.

If allowed, request the parts in writing and schedule a time for pickup.

Why Keep Your Old Auto Parts?

Keeping your old auto parts after an auto repair is always a good idea. In the future, you may need a replacement, and it’s always better to have a spare part on hand. Plus, you can sell your old parts to a salvage yard or online marketplace and make some extra cash.

Verifying The Work Done

After an auto repair, keeping the replaced parts allows you to verify the work done.

Potential For Refurbishment

Saving old auto parts provides the potential for refurbishment and reuse.

Can You Keep Parts from Auto Repairs? Know Your Rights


Can You Keep Parts from Auto Repairs? Know Your Rights


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Keep The Replaced Parts From An Auto Repair?

Yes, you can keep the replaced parts from an auto repair if you specifically request them from the repair shop.

Why Would Someone Want To Keep The Replaced Parts?

Keeping the replaced parts can provide a sense of transparency and allow you to inspect the damage or understand the repairs made.

Are There Any Benefits To Keeping The Replaced Parts?

Keeping the replaced parts can serve as evidence of the repairs done, which might be useful for warranty claims or potential future repairs.

Can I Sell The Replaced Parts?

Yes, you can sell the replaced parts if they are still in good condition and have value to someone looking for used auto parts.

What Should I Do With The Replaced Parts If I Don’t Want To Keep Them?

If you don’t want to keep the replaced parts, you can ask the repair shop to dispose of them properly or check if they offer a recycling program.

Will Keeping The Replaced Parts Affect My Warranty?

Keeping the replaced parts should not affect your warranty, but it’s always a good idea to check with your manufacturer or repair shop to ensure you comply with warranty requirements.


Keeping replaced auto parts is usually allowed, but check the repair shop’s policy. It can be beneficial for warranty claims or personal inspection. Remember to consider safety and disposal regulations when retaining old car components. Always communicate with the repair shop for guidance on this matter.

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